The Sustainable Design Division offers complete sustainability consulting, design, and construction services for projects of any industry or size.

While sustainability encompasses a broad range of topics, our LEED projects typically target the following core areas for improvement related to environmental impact:
  • Site Improvements
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Optimization
  • Material Selection
  • Best Management Practices
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovative Design & Operations
Green Building

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LEED Certification

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Goal-Setting Workshops


Daylight & Sunlight Analysis / Modeling


Policy Development

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Energy Modeling

The Sustainable Design Division is one of many collaborative teams within the Steven Leach Group. Established in 2007, the Sustainable Design Division offers specialized environmental building design, construction services, and sustainability solutions throughout Asia.


We believe we must join with our clients, communities, and governments to work towards the goal of delivering the built environment at zero carbon emissions through sound sustainable planning, design, technology, construction, and operating policies.


Green building offers more than opportunities to save natural resources, it also provides great opportunity for building owners and tenants to conserve financial resources. Studies show that green buildings result in:

  • 2-17% higher rent ratio
  • 2-18% higher occupancy rates
  • 5-35% higher building value
  • up to 30% savings from reduced operating costs